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    Who we are

    VšĮ „Atvira visuomenė ir jos draugai“ (Translation - Open society and its friends) was established in the year 2005. It is a non profit, limited liability public agency, which aims to meet the public interest while providing services beneficial to society.

    The aims and goals of VšĮ  „Atvira visuomenė ir jos draugai“ are:

    • spread liberal ideas and values; stimulate the growth of the open civil society; extend and deepen democratic traditions; induce citizenship; strive for more private sector involvement in public administration.

    VšĮ „Atvira visuomenė ir jos draugai“ does not only implement various projects and initiatives on its own, but mainly aims to provide an opportunity for other people or organizations to reach the mutual goals together. Therefore our organization is often a supporter of ideas and initiatives’ as well as a partner in other’s projects. However, we always hold tight to our goals and always before considering participating in any initiative, raising these questions:

    • Will it spread the liberal ideas and values?
    • Will it promote citizenship?
    • Will it strengthen a culture and consciousness of democracy?
    • Will it encourage public and political activity?  
    • Will it build up political intelligence?
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    visuomenė ir jos draugai"
    Registration code 3001 16762
    Liepų g. 49, 92191 Klaipėda
    Tel./ fax. (8~46) 251 000
    Bank account
    LT28 7044 0600 0493 4566
    Bank - AB SEB; Bank code - 70440
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